Friday, 19 Apr 2024

A student in India raped for 7 months by her teacher and the school principal with brutal



NEWS24.CO.ID -  As we know, the cases of rape and sexual assault on minors seem to be on a constant rise in India until now.

We always heard there are many children and woman that being rape victim in the beautiful country.

And now, another case of rape has come forth.  cerdaspoker

A girl from class 9 from Chhapra area, was gang-raped by her school principal and two teachers for the last seven months. Not only her school principal, but there as 15 students from the same school also gang-raped her during this period.


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As quoted from Hindustan Times, the girl suffered severe depression. And on Friday, July 6 2018, Bihar Police arrested the principal, a teacher and two students after the girl said that she was blackmailed and gang-raped. 

After her father went to jail in December 2017, she was gang-raped by three schoolmates in the school lavatory. 

And her friends took a video of her rape  and threatened to make the video public if she reported the matter to anyone at school or home. And soon, the number of perpetrators of rape went up to 15 because the blackmailing continued too. The teachers, the school principal also joined the other students gang-raped her.