Friday, 19 Apr 2024

Tragic, a man too focusing on hearing his phone, makes his son was hit by a car


The incidentThe incident

NEWS24.CO.ID -  As a parents, we must and always need to monitor closely our children. Because, sometimes they can be in danger.

As we know, children are vulnerable objects for danger and as adults, we need to take care of them. 

As parents, we know that a boy is more active than a girl, and parents always need to monitor they closely. 

Like the incident in China. Recently, a three-year-old boy who was hit by car has made many feel sorry for him. 

At that time, he was accompanied by his father and sister, but his father was too busy listening to the phone without regard for his son. While the father was concentrating on the phone and did not seem to notice the surroundings, his daughter rushed to her father and cross the road.

But, suddenly, the boy also ran after his father and sister.  Unexpectedly a car crashed, hit the little boy, and people around rushed to rescue. Thanks, he still safe, but he had minor injuries.

The father in the video was condemned by everyone for careless and  irresponsible. So as parents, this video is a warning bell. 

Parents should remember that one minute of inattention, the child may be in danger, even lose the life. So, as parents you should gives more attention for your children.