Friday, 19 Apr 2024

Tragic, a mother hit and slapped her daughter very brutal, used a broom


Violence of the daughterViolence of the daughter

NEWS24.CO.ID -  Children are the gifts of God. Many parents in the world, hope that they will getting a child, because not all the parents can get it. 

As a parent, we have the responsibilities of taking care of them and guiding them, instead of beating and hitting them.

But a mother in Thailand, was beat her daughter with barbarically, and the woman repeatedly slapped the daughter’s face, used the broom. No one knows the reasons why this mother did the actions. 

The barbaric actions of the woman made the community was very angry, especially her daughter was too small to bear that. Even though everyone interrupted to help the girl,  but her mother insisted on not listening and continued to hit her.

It's very terrible when the mother slapped her daughter continuously. She also pulled her child’s hair.  Although her daughter lie down in the bed, she continued to hit her.

Of course, the actions of the mother caused the netizens to get angry. And the netizen hope that the authority quickly take part in the incident to protect this little girl.