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Police have arrested 45 Palu residents for alleged looting


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NEWS24.CO.ID -  After the incident of the earthquake and tsunami that hit Palu last weekend on September 28 2018, there are many looting act that done by the survivors.

The suspects was looting electronic products and even breaking ATM machine in  Mall Taruta, ATM Center Pue Bongo, the warehouse of PT Adira, Grand Mal, and Anjungan Nusantara boutiques.

As said by the police information and public relation bureau head Brig. Gen. Dedi Prasetyo in a written statement on Tuesday, October 2, "The police have arrested 45 Palu residents for alleged looting. The arrest is carried out by the joint team of Central Sulawesi Police and Palu Police."

Dedi disclosed 28 out of 45 suspects were arrested while looting in Tatura Mall, seven in ATM Center, one in the warehouse of Adira, and seven in Anjungan Nusantara boutique, while two other suspects were arrested for stealing fuel in Grand Mall.

During the arrest, the officers confiscated pieces of evidence including sound system, LCD, printer, amplifier, BNI ATM machine, motorcycle, AC, water dispenser, microphone, and a bag of sandals, shoes, and clothes.

National Police spokesman Insp. Gen. Setyo Wasisto asserted the police would take stern action against looting of electronic products, jewelry, and others, instead of basic needs.

“That is such a criminal act,” Setyo said in Police headquarter, South Jakarta on Monday, October 1 2018.