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Indonesian Labor got execution, Minister of Foreign Affairs Conveys Protests to Saudi


Retno LP MarsudiRetno LP Marsudi

NEWS24.CO.ID - Minister of Foreign Affairs (Minister of Foreign Affairs) Retno LP Marsudi expressed his protest over the execution of TKI Tuti Tursilawati to the government of Saudi Arabia. Retno also summoned the Saudi Ambassador to explain the matter of the execution of Indonesian migrant workers from Majalengka, West Java.

"I immediately contacted the Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister. I conveyed our protests and concerns, as in other countries in Saudi Arabia, the execution was carried out without official notification," Retno said at BNDCC, Nusa Dua, Bali, Tuesday, October 30 2018.

During a meeting with Saudi Arabian Ambassador Osamah Mohammed Abdullah Shuibi, the Foreign Minister received an explanation for the execution of TKI Tuti.

"I have also conveyed to the Saudi Arabian Ambassador in Jakarta, yesterday he was in Bali but had returned to Jakarta. I asked to return to Bali to directly meet with me and convey our concern and protest about this notification issue," he explained.

"The government has tried maximally to provide legal assistance and any effort that can be made by the government. Details have been submitted by the director of Indonesian citizen protection," continued Retno.

Ambassador of Saudi Arabia, continued Retno, understood Indonesia's strong protests regarding the execution of TKI Tuti. The Saudi Arabian Ambassador continued the Indonesian protests to his government.

"When I spoke with the Ambassador, he said that he understood, he was very understanding, and he would convey once more Indonesian protests to his capital. I have also conveyed directly to the Arab Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the Ambassador, I have received information that he will do consultation to present protests from Indonesia, "Retno concluded.