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Asian Games mascot dolls become the target for tourist in Indonesia


Mascot of Asian GamesMascot of Asian Games

NEWS24.CO.ID - In 2018 Asian Games celebration, it has been going on for two weeks. One of the targets for domestic and foreign society is the demand for Asian Games mascot dolls.

Breaking this request, explained by Director of Business Development of PT Madonna Variakreasi, Jimmy Widjaja, who is the creator of Asian Games Mascot Dolls, Bhin Bhin, Atung and Kaka.

"Now, our online sales are closed. Not accepting any orders, now we want to make pre-orders. Because there are so many requests and needs are starting to accumulate, this will only be a matter of production again and pre-order scheme" he said, quoted from detikFinance.

"Since before the opening of Asian Games, sales continue to increase this mascot, even soaring to 300 percent. Of course, we are overwhelmed to meet the demands of consumers who come from various parts of country and even across the country," he said.

"This is beyond our prediction. Indonesia has never been like this before, even in the early days of sales, in early 2018, the business was very slow, only when there were many requests for these dolls" he said.

He revealed about the total goods produced until March 2018 which reached 250,000 items.

"Right now, because as a retailer from the character land, we have not got the data. We just tell you, we gave the dolls at first we sent 20,000, the production I said earlier was 15,000 increments because we have a lot of designs. 15,000 for 12 inch dolls" he explained .

"Maybe if there are a number of dolls, the small ones to the big ones will also produce 250,000 dolls" he continued.

From the data collected there are several types of Asian Games mascot dolls, namely stuffed eggs sold at a price of IDR 29,500, IDR 99,500 ball dolls, IDR 39,500 for doll key chains and many more.

The distribution of sales will be the puppet of Asian Games mascot, in addition to the Bung Karno Stadium, also spread in Palembang's Jaka Baring Stadium.

"We provide more customers who come from outside the city. There are also a lot of items that are being attracted and many of our customers from outside the city come to GBK," he said.

"Besides that, we also took items from other shops that were less well-maintained, from there we pulled to Jakarta. Yesterday I just went to Bandung to get a doll. Yesterday in Bandung there were around 10,000 to be taken to GBK. Then 250,000 "It's divided into 12 doll designs" he said.

"Then some retailers also agreed that, like Yogja, Sogo, Alfamart, there were around 2000 stores. In total there were 20 large merchants that helped us to sell. But until now the highest sales demand is indeed in Jakarta and Palembang" he said.