Friday, 19 Apr 2019

Squat 30 Times Get Free Train Tickets in Moscow



NEWS24.CO.ID -  Who doesn't like free train tickets? Surely everyone wants it. In Moscow, Russia, you can get free subway tickets by 30 squats.

In front of the ticket machine, a special squat sensor is provided. Anyone can do squats calculated directly by the machine. When the repetition has reached 30 times for 2 minutes, then the train ticket to your destination station will come out by itself.

Not only get a free ticket, people who have tried it claim to have personal satisfaction. However, if you fail to make 30 squats within 2 minutes, then you must pay for the ticket.

This activity has been started since December 2013, before the Moscow Olympics. The government is doing this to bring sports to Russian society.

"Squat is one of the basic exercises that everyone has to do. Squats build core strength, burn calories, if they do it properly, can train the whole body. Squat is the best way to exercise every day," said Los Angeles personal trainer Josh Hoover. from Forbes.

Quoted from, squats are also useful for improving body balance and strength. When you hold the position of half squatting, the muscles will be required to support body weight and balance the position. This exercise will make the legs stronger and important for balance as you get older.

Squats can also create an anabolic environment to build muscle, triggering the release of testosterone and growth hormone to increase muscle mass, while helping metabolize glucose and fat and insulin sensitivity, thus protecting the body against health conditions such as diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular problems.
If this kind of system applies in Indonesia, do you want to try it or not?