Friday, 19 Apr 2019

The story of the twin men of Kim Jong Un who earn income up to hundreds of million


Kim Jong UnKim Jong Un

NEWS24.CO.ID -  North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is known as a controversial figure. One of Kim's most famous traits is his cruelty towards those who oppose him.

Although many hate it, Kim Jong-un turns out to bring sustenance to people who have faces similar to him.

Two figures similar to Kim Jong Un are Howard X, a satirist politician who lives in Hong Kong and Minyong Kim who lives in Seoul. For six years, they have earned money from their resemblance to Kim Jong-un.

Their income even reached £ 10,000 (Rp199 million) per day for work starring in video games, opening a shopping center, and entertaining guests at the billionaire's birthday party.

Revenues can soar if Kim Jong Un does a shocking policy. "Every time Kim Jong-un does something like firing missiles or calling Trump as a 'dotard', then my phone works," Howard said as quoted by the essence of grid.

Howard was recently asked to appear at an event in Macau along with Trump and Putin's imitators. 

"They have cakes shaped like big missiles and the three of us have to open them," he said.

Howard also starred in a music video produced by Russian rave band Little Bid where it tells Kim Jong-un to fall in love and sleep with a nuclear bomb.

While Minyong is negotiating with Kentucky Fried Chicken to shoot new ads.

Minyong cannot forget the experience of participating in military service in South Korea. At that time, Kim Jong-un first came to power in December 2011
"Every time Kim Jong-un will do or say something, my senior and junior will come to me and say, 'This is all because of you, you look like him.'

After completing compulsory military service, Minyong decided to try his luck with his resemblance to Kim Jong-un. He went to the barber to cut Kim Jong-un's unique hair and buy a cheap suit in the Hongdae district of Seoul.