Friday, 19 Apr 2019

Regarding Khabib, Putin: I will also be angry if attacked


Vladimir PutinVladimir Putin

NEWS24.CO.ID -  Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that he might also do the same thing with what was carried out by Nurmagomedov, if he received an attack from outside.

This was conveyed by Putin when meeting the Khabib in his hometown in the city of Ulyanovsk, Putin also asked the UFC fighters to be able to better protect their emotions and stick to the principles of sports, discipline and mutual respect.

However, as reported by Russia Today on Thursday, October 11 2018, the Russian leader stated, he and perhaps most people would do the same thing as what the Khabib did if they received a similar attack.

"Anyone can jump (from the arena) in the same way. If we are attacked from the outside, not just you, we can all jump in such a way. But, there may be a price to pay," Putin said.

Putin at the same time also asked Khabib's father, who was also present at the meeting, not to punish his son too heavily, who had carried out an attack outside the ring.

As is known, Khabib jumped out of the arena after fighting with Conor McGregor and attacked the Irish fighting crew. In a press conference, Khabib said he carried out the attack because he was angry after his country, father, and religion were insulted.