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Zaporozhet: Why are the least elegant Soviet cars so popular?


Zaporozhet Zaporozhet

NEWS24.CO.ID -  Zaporozhet is one of the weirdest cars ever produced in the Soviet Union, but people still like it - this is the reason.

Zaporozhets is one of the most controversial cars ever designed in the Soviet Union. Not elegant, noisy and narrow ... After all, it is quite tough in crossing heavy terrain and is easily repaired.

Based on the Italian Fiat-600, Zaporozhet is driven by rear wheels, a distinctive feature of cars made in the 1950s and 60s.

With the trunk of a small car, items need to be put on the roof and tied. However, cars can carry large loads.

However, the shortcomings often cover the quality. During the winter, it can be very difficult to start a car engine, while in the summer the engine can get very hot.
Another problem is the car brake system. In fact, Zaporozhet's ability to stop is unreliable.

Small and uncomfortable sedan versions are also not very popular when released. Fortunately, the export model - Jalta and Eliette - is much more fun to drive.

They were sold to Bulgaria, Cuba, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Finland and Germany.
Because of the design, various car models are ridiculed by nicknames like "hunchback"; "big ear"; and "soap dish". Nikita Khrushchev used to call the car "tin".
Despite all the problems, Zaporozhet is considered one of the most popular Soviet cars. The reason: cheap prices.

The price of the car is only half of Zhiguli and only one third of Volga.

In the 1990s, Zaporozhet was often the subject of Russian jokes. They usually joke like this: "The awkward Zaporozhets crashed into a Mercedes-Benz 600 ..."

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